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Gina H. [userpic]

I wasn't kidding before

September 8th, 2006 (11:29 am)

current location: The Zou
current mood: Better but not great.

So about last post, yeah, let's just say that things got a little out of hand last night. I mean nothing embarrassing or horrible happened, but I went over my drinking limit in about an hour. Man shots get to me and they get to me fast. I am a bit disappointed in myself, but I won't deny that I had tons of fun with Erik, Mike and Josh. Tonight I'm sticking to water or something non-alcoholic as I will designate myself sober driver. I'm not going through what I went through this morning ever again. And a big thanks goes out to Greg and Nick for taking care of my drunken ass and my dog, as I was too intoxicated to let him out to piss last night. I can feel the buds of motherhood growing within me now.