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Gina H. [userpic]


September 8th, 2006 (06:01 am)

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current mood: Fuck.

Never. Again. Will. Jaggermeister. Touch. These. Lips.

Now I have to take care of little bitch school agers.

Gina H. [userpic]

Pot Kettle Black

September 1st, 2006 (09:33 am)

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current mood: YAY!!!
current song: Wilco

I have such a strong urge of anticipation running through my veins right now. I just want this day to be over with so I can go back to KC. I haven't seen Chris in two weeks and I just am so happy that I will be able to spend this whole weekend with him. It's funny that after seven years I still feel this nervous-happy-elated-joyful to see him after such a short time apart from him. So shoot me, I'm a sap. YAY!

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Save the date, Sept. 18, 2006

August 22nd, 2006 (01:54 pm)

current location: My room
current mood: YAY, Pirates.
current song: DOOL

Why your might ask? Three words, Pirate Wife Swap. It's going to be a classic and awesome. Only in America would a family live their entire lives as pirates.

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I don't mean to brag but...

August 13th, 2006 (12:08 am)

current location: Moore House
current mood: Hakuna Matata Bitches.

A couple of things to update all of my friends out there about the goings ons in my life:

I've moved. Yes I know it's hard to believe that I will no longer be at the 'plex with stinky boys and Watson. We are now located at Gatehouse Apartments, which has former America's Next Top Model contestant, Sarah, who was kicked off for not runway walking properly, as an employee. Oh and I only live with Uncle Mike, we'll see how that turns out.

Chris is in KC. Yes, it's ironic that I move to CoMO because I cannot live without him only to have him move back. We'll work this out somehow, we're sappy that way.

I just completed my week-long vacay with the Moores, we went to Wisconsin. It really wasn't a vacay but more of me babysitting Chris' cousins or us playing DS Lite together. I really would have preferred that Chris and I got more alone time, but we couldn't help that his uncles had to come up to the cabin at the same time. Whatever. I have noticed the whiteness that makes up the Great "white" North. I was the only minority that I saw all week and that was only when I looked in the mirror. And the fact that a Vietnamese man killed a couple of hunters last year did not bode well for me, I kept getting cold stares. Oh, did I mention Chris' uncles are crazy. One kept calling me an oriental (more out of ignorance than anything) and the other believed that America's youth is going down the drain because of the Clinton scandal. Yeah they're both pretty conservative, okay, very conservative. But all in all it was a good week, I love having fun times with my big hunk of manlove.

Watson is still alive. Thank you Kristina, for making that possible.

I saw Talledega Nights. Funny movie, but I can't wait for Borat.

And the most exciting news ever, I got a message from Michael Ian Black. Yes, that MIB. The Stella member, the legend, the Jew. Yes it was real. Before I went on vacay I sent MIB a message via MySpace on reasons why he should hire me. Basically I told him I don't date Jews, so a nanny-scandal would not happen. He told me it wouldn't be worth it if that were not to happen. I really didn't think he'd write back but he did. And because of that, I've had the best week ever.

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Country, another word for redneck.

June 17th, 2006 (02:38 pm)

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current mood: Goo!!!

I just finished watching the Britney Spears' Dateline interview. First of all, I'd like to point out she looked like shit during the interview. I know she's pregnant, but she could have ran a comb through her hair and put her make-up on while looking at a mirror. But what bothered me the most is the fact that she has no ettiquette or tact. She was leaning forward in her chair, for all to see her maternal assets and she was chewing gum. Really, gum, all through the interview. I'm no celebrity, but I at least know that chewing gum while in conversation is quite possibley the rudest thing ever. And while she talked I couldn't help but notice that she had the venacular of a fourteen year old. She has trouble putting together the simplest of thoughts. With all that money she has, one would think that she would hire an image consultant, speech therapist perhaps? I hear it does wonders for special needs kids. That's what we'll call Britney, special needs.

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My most expensive nap ever!

May 20th, 2006 (06:32 pm)

current mood: Eh, I could be better

Yesterday night I paid 6.50 to take a nap. Why, you might ask? Because the Da Vinci Code was the most boringest movie EVER. DON'T WATCH IT!!!

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Watson's Wrath!

April 16th, 2006 (10:19 pm)

current mood: Not mad, just disappointed.

Today Chris and I decided against taking Watson up to KC with us, seeing how we were only going to be there a day and that he usually is well behaved. Well it seems that we have a crazy dog, but he's only crazy when Chris and I are not present. While Evan and Erik were out getting food today Watson tore up our blinds. He went nuts, our blinds are no more. He then chewed through another leash when they put him outside. So Chris and I got a call, it was like getting a call from the baby-sitter, needless to say I'm not mad at Watson I'm just disappointed. He knows better. When we arrived home we found Watson in his kennel. He had chewed his kennel bed to hell, and to make matters worse he peed in his kennel. I was so upset I didn't touch him or talk to him for like an hour. As punishment he had to stay outside for an hour and a half. Now he's in the livingroom with Chris. I swear I feel like I have a kid and it sucks, because I can't stay mad at his little face.

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Watson is Awesome.

April 12th, 2006 (11:34 am)

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current mood: It's pretty outside!
current song: Flaming Lips

Seriously, Watson is probably the greatest dog in existence. He is so well behaved and good. He's only had two accidents one in the house and the other in the car, where he was in a tub. So thumbs up. He really is Chris in dog form, he likes affection but he is amazingly lazy. He got worn out on our walk last night we had to stop and rest a bit. Watson has gotten mad at us once, he knocked over his food bowl while we went out to eat last night. He got food all over the place and he was in his kennel. But I guess that's what I get with a dog with teen angst.

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What's going to happen to Watson?

April 6th, 2006 (11:51 am)

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current mood: Holy crap man.
current song: Wilco

Last night Chris told me that he had gotten accepted to UMKC's grad program in mathematics. He assured me that it was only an option and that he is looking into getting his math education master's here. Although I've told him time and time again that I don't want his decision on where he goes to school be dependent on me, I now have a sense of panic running through my veins. I guess I said that because I was relying on the fact that MU would accept him and I think he had the same thoughts. But if you haven't heard the math dept. has only been able to accept 3 people for FS2006. Chris still hasn't gotten a rejection letter so I'm staying optimistic, but it's hard. I don't want to hold him back from his education, I want him to have every opportunity in the world, but my selfish side just wants him to stay with me. I saw what happened to his brother when he stayed to go to Iowa for law school instead of Harvard or U of Chicago. He stayed because his girlfriend didn't get into those schools. Now they've since broken up and he's married to someone else and I'm sure he lives with some sort of regret. We'll know what he decides on here pretty soon, but if he goes to UMKC expect a custody battle over Watson to ensue.

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Not to be outdone.

April 3rd, 2006 (12:52 am)

current mood: Damn time change.
current song: Food Network

Since everyone else is writing about how awesome their spring break was, I guess I'll join in on the fun. So much has happened I will put it in list form for you all to enjoy:

-I cleaned the garage out with Chris.
-I fell asleep to the following movies: In the Mix, Good Night and Good Luck, Memoirs of a Geisha (Book is way better, Movie=boredom), The League of Ordinary Gentlemen, Get Rich or Die Trying, and some of Walk the Line.
-I got disrespected by some bitch ass school-aged kids.
-I sat those little assholes down and made them write "I will make good choices" about 200 times each (took them two days) as punishment for being disrespectful.
-Put in adoption applications for Watson.
-Watched TV, namely bad HBO movies and this terrible season of the Real World.
-Worked freakin 50 hours at the daycare, it wasn't as bad as I thought, though I never want to have children.
-I was GASSY. I know TMI, but I figured Chris would tell you guys anyway.
-Stayed in CoMO, figuring out domestic life can be pretty sweet sometimes.

I know you guys, I'm so crazy. I'm still recovering from my week.