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Gina H. [userpic]

Seriously grow up!

June 4th, 2007 (01:23 pm)

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I'm basically writing all this crap in this blog to vent my frustrations out. Some of you know whom I am referring to, as you have heard me complain about some of these things. But the person who I am speaking to does not have access to this site and will not be able to see this. So don't take any of these questions personally, as I am more than likely not directing them to you.

I mean okay, I've known you for how long? Since, junior high? So why haven't you at least grown past the mentality of a 16 year old girl? I just don't understand it. Please don't snap at us when we ask you if you are okay, I simple "I'm not in the mood right now," would suffice. Please acknowledge the fact that yes, we indeed have nice things, and we don't want them to be f-ed up. Yeah, we take care of these things so we can get maximum use out of them. So you have a dog, that's great. But dogs don't belong in a room 36 hours at a time, and no, I will not take care of your dog when I'm in town. I have my own dog, and I take care of him, because he's a dog, not a novelty. Seriously, and the stink in the apartment does come from your dog, because she's in a room for 36 hours at a time, where else is she going to relieve herself? And now your dog is injured and you wonder why, maybe it's the best thing to ever happen to the dog. Seriously, you should be a responsible adult if you decide to have sex. Yeah yeah sex is nice, but you know he has a kid already on the way. But you don't take the precautions yourself to protect yourself from that situation. That's just plain stupid. You can't always depend on the morning after pill, and if you think that birth control messes you up, what do you think the morning after pill does? It's not a magic problem solver, obviously. But you already knew that. I am really concerned with your constant need for sympathy also, sure you feel unappreciated or beautiful and you have to work 8 hour shifts at work. But here's a secret, SO DOES EVERYONE ELSE! These are everyday problems that everyone faces, but we all just muddle through it or get over it. I understand once in a blue moon you have this need to vent, but it gets old after the hundredth time in a week listening to you complain how sucky life is. Please clean up after yourself. I don't care what you do in your room, but we are tired of cleaning up after you. Like your red hair dye that's everywhere in the bathroom. Your empty chip bags that are right at the front door, or your dishes that take over the kitchen sink. Are those extra two to three minutes to throw away or clean stuff really that important? Lastly, please stop mooching off of us, sure we're more than happy to share, but don't look at us with doe eyes everytime we cook or go get our own food. I don't like it when people stare us down when we're enjoying a meal only to get a piece of the action. We'll offer you stuff, but just don't be so desperate during meal times.

I really do feel better after venting all this out. Don't think I haven't tried to talk to this particular person about this stuff, because I have. But I have yet to see any results.


Posted by: Jory (phuqueue)
Posted at: June 4th, 2007 08:38 pm (UTC)

Gina, if you have a problem with my taking the morning after pill to make sure I don't get pregnant, you should tell me that directly.

Posted by: rustyjefferson (rustyjefferson)
Posted at: June 5th, 2007 06:12 am (UTC)

You didn't WANT our baby? What the f are you doing Jory?! WE'RE supposed to decide, not just YOU.

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